Software engineering and design for innovative digital solutions

About us

Eurovensys is a software development company based in Poland. We provide full stack commercial grade software development services.  Our expertise lies in building new enterprise level digital products.

We help our clients transform their projects from idea to rollout in production with further R&D.  Moreover, we offer software systems implementation, maintenance, and technical support.

Our services

We provide software development services in a variety of business areas such as healthcare, finance, and IT.

We offer to your project:

  • Managed cross-functional development

  • Consulting services in Product & System Analysis

  • Quality Assurance

  • UX/UI design

  • Business intelligence integration

Our tech stack

We have expertise in the most modern technologies:

  • Programming languages: C#, Typescript, JavaScript, SQL (T-SQL, PL-SQL), C++

  • Application Frameworks: .NET 6, .NET Full Framework, .NET Core, Angular, Vue, REACT

  • Cloud Computing Platform: MS Azure, Amazon AWS

  • Data and BI: MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cosmos DB, MS SSRS, MS SSAS (OLAP), MS Power BI, Machine Learning


Eurovensys sp. z o.o.

KRS: 0000894492
NIP: 9662149214
REGON: 388678218

ul. Hurtowa 13
15-399 Bialystok